Kitchen Cupboard Tops

Advantages and disadvantages of granite and marble kitchen cupboard tops. DF Enterprises is in collaboration with Mr Granite in Cape Town and we can therefore supply you with the best possible advice on the right top for your kitchen cupboards.

Granite kitchen cupboard tops


  • Granite is the most popular top for kitchen cupboards
  • Granite is the most durable kitchen top available
  • It is the second hardest stone and will not scratch, under normal use, from knives, pots and pans
  • It will hold its value longer than any other kitchen cupboard top and will retain its beauty indefinitely
  • Its polish is not subject to etching by household acids
  • Typical kitchen heat such as hot pans and pots does not affect granite
  • Granite comes in various colours and structural compositions. Examples can be seen on fully fitted kitchen cupboards or raw samples at our factory in Cape Town.
  • Granite can be polished, honed or flamed
  • Polished granite is extremely durable and will keep its high gloss virtually forever
  • Modern sealers makes granite kitchen cupboard tops almost maintenance-free


  • Expensive
  • Granite can crack
  • It needs to be sealed as oily or acidic liquids can permanently stain the stone
  • Although there are many colours to choose from there are colour limitations
  • There are concerns over the cleanliness of granite as a kitchen cupboard top because of its porous composition

Marble kitchen cupboard tops


  • Marble kitchen cupboard tops are known for its unique, luxurious, glossy and elegant finish
  • Honed marble will not etch easily because of its matte finish
  • Almost unlimited colour variations. Examples can be seen on fully fitted kitchen cupboards or raw samples at our factory in Cape Town.
  • Very versatile


  • Marble is softer than granite and cannot take heat without dulling the surface
  • Marble is used more often for bathroom vanity tops, Jacuzzi tops and fireplaces
  • It is easy to scratch and is affected by normal kitchen acidic substances, such as vinegars, ketchups etc.
  • Marble kitchen cupboard tops can partially lose its high-gloss as many chemicals can etch its surface
  • Sealing it helps somewhat but does not prevent etching entirely because it is porous
  • Marble kitchen cupboard tops are very expensive and are therefore not often seen in large kitchens or as the countertops of whole kitchens
  • Marble kitchen tops may need resealing periodically

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