Kitchens and Kitchen Cupboards


A well designed kitchen with beautiful, functional kitchen cupboards is essential for any home, as it is probably the busiest room in the house and in most cases the heart of the house. Choosing the right kitchen cupboards are very important as it is ultimately the difference between a beautiful kitchen and the normal run of the mill kitchen.

Making the right choices can be confusing and it is therefore very important to plan your new kitchen and kitchen cupboards very careful and to know your budget before you start planning.

Your first decision must be what design style your kitchen must be for example modern, classic, country, rustic, traditional or old world. You can also combine various styles of kitchen designs i.e. modern and traditional or country and rustic. The kitchen cupboards are the main factor in the decision of which design style to go for.

Take the following into account when planning your kitchen

  • The main purpose of the kitchen cupboards is storage.
  • The process might take longer than expected but rather do it right the first time round, instead of having to rectify problems at a later date.
  • Consider using a professional kitchen designer, such as DF Enterprises, as we can offer advice on typical complications such as the kitchen cupboards, electricity and plumbing.
  • Look carefully at your current kitchen and kitchen cupboards in order to avoid the same problems.
  • All kitchens should have the following basics: ample storage and working space, good lighting and plumbing, reliable appliances and plenty of power points.
  • Take the kitchen "work triangle" into account i.e. stove, refrigerator and sink. Keep them fairly close together for efficiency but far enough for safety reasons.

Kitchen cupboards

Take the following into account when planning the kitchen cupboards

  • Maximise storage space and make sure that the cupboards and drawers are well placed.
  • Overhead cupboards should be easy to reach.
  • Corner kitchen cupboards are in most cases unavoidable, but to fully utilize their storage space consider using for example bi-fold or dual-access doors.
  • Drawers should be wide and deep to facilitate the storage of appliances, cooking utensils, pots, pans and the different sized food items.
  • Pull out shelves will maximize your cupboard space.
  • Mount the kitchen cupboards on adjustable plastic legs to prevent water damage.
  • Choose door handles for your kitchen cupboards to enhance the style of your kitchen as well as for their functionality.
  • Ensure a good balance between cupboards and work surfaces.
  • It might be a good idea to have a designated space for hot items.
  • When choosing the kitchen tops take into account that it must be able to withstand heat, be low maintenance and easy to clean. It must further be durable and preferably stain and scratch resistant.
  • Visit the showrooms of professional kitchen design companies to see the different styles of kitchen cupboards installed in mock-up kitchens.
  • The kitchen cupboards will ultimately determine the style of your kitchen.

Kitchen cupboard materials

Used for kitchen cupboards and shelving. It has an unlimited colour and pattern variety. It is hard wearing, stain/scratch resistant and is easy to clean.

Wood Veneer
Used for doors, panels and framework. It is available in many finishes with a similar look and feel than solid wood. It is cheaper than solid wood, the grain configuration is better and it does not warp.

Solid Wood
Used for doors and cupboard panels. It is available in many finishes, is a natural material that improves with age, is stylish and durable.

Used for doors and cupboard panels. It is moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Used for doors and panels. Paint comes in a variety of colours.

Used for counter tops and work surfaces. It comes in a variety of colours and textures. It is affordable, hard wearing, stain resistant, easy to clean and is a crockery friendly surface.

Solid Stone - Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate and Soapstone
Used for counter tops, work surfaces and wall cladding. It is expensive but a classy natural material that is hard wearing, stain/scratch resistant and easy to clean. It looks good with most combinations of kitchen cupboards and will last for a long time.

Used for doors, tops, splashbacks and shelving. Comes in a variety of colours and provides a modern look. It is hard wearing, water and heat resistant and is easy to maintain.

Stainless Steel
Used for tops, doors and plinths. Provides a modern look and is hygienic. Low maintenance, durable and heat resistant.

Used for tops and splashbacks. Tiles come in many types and a variety of colours and finishes and is inexpensive. It is strong, durable and low maintenance, water, heat and stain resistant.

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